About us

Libero is an agricultural commodity trading company owned to a large extent by Brazilian farmers.


Our shareholders plant and harvest over 5 million hectares of land across the Brazilian Cerrado region (Brazil’s savannah). Libero farmers and shareholders represent about 75% of the Brazilian cotton production, 20% of soya beans and 15% of corn, amongst other products and by-products.


Libero principal activities are origination, trading, risk management and direct sourcing of agricultural commodities.  

Our primary products are cotton-lint, cotton-seed, soya beans and corn.


Our client base, a vigorous and increasing number of global counter-parties, is mostly made of processing industries, government procurement agencies and international commodity trading houses. 


Libero, which initiated activities 2010, has principal offices in Geneva, Switzerland and in Mato Grosso, Brazil, under a Dutch-based holding company.